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How to get started?

Easiest way to get started is to join take beginner course. Please contact Antti Schrey or Ismo Nummela for windsurfing courses. For kitesurfing courses please contact

We also organize demo weekend twice a year. Follow our Facebook page for upcoming events.

Also Naantali Pursiseura organizes beginners courses. Please check details from their webpage.

I got hooked on surfing, what’s next?

It good idea to join Turku Windsurfer Club (TWC). TWC members can rent clubs windsurf boards and sails at Saaronniemi, Ruissalo. Join the club by paying the membership fee 40€ to account FI49 5711 4440 0081 68 and then contacting Timo Leino.

Kite surfers need to buy their own gear and continue practise on safe beaches like Tulliniemi, Hanko or Yyteri, Pori.

I have my own gear now, where meet the other surfers?

Check the wind forecast from and head to the right beach. The closest beaches with best wind directions are listed here. Most likely there will be other surfers too. Hang loose!